5 Reasons to make Thane your home!

Thane has been added to the new list of 27 smart cities in India

Thane’s growth has been fast-forwarded by its inclusion to a list of 27 Indian smart cities by the Indian Government. Thane is set to be made more attractive, efficient and sustainable with better infrastructure.

A consistent growth in Thane’s housing industry

According to the reports by various realty agencies for the last four quarters, Thane has been identified as one of the most attractive regions for investment in Mumbai owing to its exceptional connectivity, excellent infrastructure support and flourishing commercial as well as residential markets.

An upsurge of upcoming government approved infra projects

A series of government approved infrastructure projects including a 3.2 KM cable suspension bridge, flyovers and arterial roads to reduce traffic are set to be a part of Thane improving its connectivity, making it an attractive place to live in.

The new hotspot for luxury projects

With the availability of premium projects and infrastructure options available at affordable prices, plus its proximity to Mumbai, Thane has become a much more attractive investment proposition.

The bustling social infrastructure of Thane

The upcoming Thane-Ghodbunder Freeway, metro rail, retail & commercial infra and the lively malls in the Thane neighbourhood have made Thane an in-demand investment hub.